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Northern Missouri


Our Background

The team at DMA Construction Solutions, LLC is here to assist with all of your construction solutions.  We have dedicated our energy for the last 15 years in providing the best service in all aspects of the concrete, and tile trades, as well as total project management.   In 2007 we started extruding concrete landscape curbing, also known as concrete edging.  We have installed jobs for 100’s of different customers and extruded over 100,000 LF of concrete edging.  While going from job to job, we heard the cry for other solutions as it related to the outdoor landscape.  From water and drainage issues, to overgrown landscapes, to clients that didn’t have a clue what plant would grow where, to damaged pool decks, to customers wanting that custom outdoor space; we continued to listen and offered solutions.  DMA Construction Solution, LLC takes great pride in listening to your needs/wants/issues, presenting you with solutions all while implementing a  plan that is put into action and then completed in an efficient and timely fashion.  Prior to any project being implemented we take the time to make sure we are all on the same page/team by providing timelines, schedules, contracts, material/color selection, and mock-ups, while keeping an open line of communication throughout the duration of the job.  If you are looking for a contractor that listens and presents you with solutions best suit for your particular situation give us a call, so we can talk about your next potential project.  We want to hear from you!

Are you sitting there thinking?

I need a way to entertain and to coral all the neighbors on a Friday night, what about an outdoor living space?    The landscaping is so overgrown that that I can’t see out the house or my windows, and who knows what issues are masked that we can’t see? I am so tired with pulling unwanted weeds out of the beds, there has to be an easier way.  I have a kitchen with no flow, where do I start?  The bathroom looks so dated, what options do I have?  I wish I could have a door installed in my master bedroom so I could have immediate access to my outdoor living space. The siblings sharing a room, what options do I have to give them their own space? We can provide solutions to all these questions and so many more.