Durable, Modern and Affordable

Northern Missouri


Concrete Curbing

Are you in need a proven solution for your landscape bed containment?

Concrete curbing adds function and value to any property. Concrete borders are extremely durable, attractive, and cost-effective, and concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials you can invest in. At DMA Construction Solutions, LLC, we offer professional concrete curbing services for property owners in Northern Missouri.

Why is Concrete Curbing our go to for Landscape Edging?

Concrete walkways are more than just a way to get wherever it is you're going - they can provide much-needed curb appeal to homes and buildings.  And with all the decorative options concrete allows, they are also fast becoming an affordable way to add a decorative element to your home or office's landscape.

Durable -  Are you looking for a permanent edge for landscaping that will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move like rock and brick methods?  If so we have options that will satisfy your needs.

Modern - Are you looking for a lifetime finished stone look with design flexibility including - flowing curbs, straight lines, and custom designs.  DMA Construction Solutions, LLC's landscape curbing will create a flow of design that will beautifully accent your landscaping and transform ordinary into extraordinary.

Affordable -  Are you looking for an investment that adds value to your property, installs in a single day, along with reducing your edging, trimming, and yard maintenance time.  Your existing landscaping is not disturbed in this process.  It's simply a better way.

Customization Options

-          Profile Options

-          Stamp Options

-          Color Options

While plain gray concrete is still the most often surface installed, as seen on most concrete walkways, there are numerous decorative concrete alternatives available to change the look and feel, taking your sidewalk from everyday to amazing.

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